1. Just a FYI Blairsville cruise in is on the first friday of the month at the farmers market . Also the Blairsville parade is on Saturday 5/24/14

  2. I haven’t made it to Pigeon Forge in a few years and rely on your pics to “Get me through” . . . humming OZZY now ! ! !

    Check out Gearheadgazzette.com - - - Nashville Based but covers scheduled events from coast to coast / Great Lakes to the Gulf . . . - - - FYI: The 2017 Redneck Rumble is this weekend at the Wilson County fairgrounds and Somerset mini Power-Cruise is also this Saturday, with the Annual Music City MOPAR show at Wilson County Fairgrounds next Saturday the 23rd . . . sometimes cloning might not be a bad thing. . . again thank you,

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