The Driving Cars Series

The idea behind The Driving Cars Series started back in September of 2009. Each year during the summer and fall I like to get each one of mine and my dad’s cars out and at least drive them around the block, or to town, or to work. Its easy to neglect them and before you know it, its been over a year before something was moved, time flies as the old saying goes. So I decided if I started at one side of one building and went all the way to the other end, I’d be sure everything was driven at least once that year. I was just getting interested in photography at the time, so I decided it would be fun to snap a few photos along the way and share them with my internet forum buddies, so the idea was born. “The Driving Cars Thread” was created on and  in early September of 2009. The thread was for the most part a big success and everyone enjoyed it on both sites. Although I did start a little late in the year to get everything drove, for the most part it was mission accomplished. Fast forward five years, man time really does fly!

While I’ve employed the same philosophy over the past five years, I never really did another thread, I figured one was good, two was overkill? But as I looked for ways to grow the you tube channel here on the site, I decided it would be a good time to revive my original idea, but this time, on video. So the idea for “The Driving Cars Series”, a You Tube show, was born.

I started filming season one around mid-March of this year. The basic idea was to have 10-15 episodes, each featuring two or three cars and a fairly large car show. But the idea quickly evolved and changed as I went. Shows were rained out, cars broke down, plans changed, etc. etc. But the end result still turned out pretty cool I think. Like anything, the more you do it, the better you get. I think you will see as the episodes go along, the quality gets a little better each time. About half way through, I started filming with two Go Pro’s instead of one. The problem I ran into was, as I went along, the idea’s kept getting bigger and better and overflowing the basic layout I had put down for each episode. Before you knew it, I was making plans for Season Two, then filming for Season Two, long before Season One was ever completed. So in the end, the first 12 episodes are going to feel more like an introduction of characters so to speak, with the second season telling many more stories and adventures. So I hope the Season One isn’t a flop! Because I’ve put a lot of hard work into Season Two already!

I’m not a big talker, so don’t expect a lot of commentary from me.  I tried to let the sound of the cars do the talking. I’ve also used several local artists in the shows, it helps with You Tube copyright issues, plus it helps promote the small town guys along the way.

Starting June 30th, and each Monday after that for 12 weeks, there will be a new episode posted. Be sure and click the “like” button to help us get noticed and “subscribe” so you don’t miss the next episode!. Like I said, I’m really excited about Season Two, its a thousand times better than Season One, so be sure and stay tuned for it this fall. There will be a Season Two preview in Episode 12 of Season One.  Season two should debut sometime in mid to late October!


Each episode will be posted on this page, or head on over to our You Tube Channel by CLICKING HERE

Season 1- Episode 1

Season 1- Episode 2

Season 1- Episode 4

Season 1- Episode 5


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