Rainbow Raceway History Page


Rainbow Raceway History Page

If anyone has any history, photos, or video they would like to add, please email me at jeff@jdsmotorsports.com !

Randy McCoy’s Video

This has been out for a few months now, but I just now am getting around to adding it, great footage!


I have more footage! Its rough and has lost some quality over the transition, but I wanted to share it anyway! Any and all footage is cool since there is so little! Big thanks to Howard Patton for sharing the VHS tape with me!

To my knowledge, this is the only published video of the track, maybe the only video that exists? This video starts out with footage of the Fontana Dam, but then switches over to raceway footage at about the :44 second mark.

News Paper Clippings

Video Still Photos


  1. I spent many a Saturday night at Rainbow Raceway. Driver Ricky Blane and Mechanic John Pohlenz raced there many times. We always went when they were racing. It was great family fun even though you were a different color from all the dust after the race.

  2. Although I don’t remember Rainbow Raceway I have heard many stories about this track. My Dad Don Roane #51 raced many times there and won many races. The one that I love hearing the most was when he won a race backwards. Everything I see and hear about this track always puts a smile on my face. Roane Racing #51

  3. My family was co owners of the track. My dad, Bud Green, flagged, my mom ran the concession and brother Bob did the announcing . I was young and always helped clean trash up on Sunday. Lots of grat memories. Thanks for the page.

  4. Hello! I am not sure if y’all have seen this recent video of Randy McCoy’s that we posted recently!! WE hope you will enjoy!!

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