A Look Back: Duck’s Lights Out Race: 2012

This was probably my favorite year of all, it’s the year I rebuilt JDSMotorsports.com into the word press style blog it is today, the year that really launched us into full time event coverage. Duck’s race was the first event I covered on the new website. Check it all out below!

Friday Night Photos


Saturday Photos



Some of my favorite photos from the weekend.


I bet you won’t see the stands that empty on Wednesday, let alone Friday afternoon!


Here’s a couple of never before scene photos, well on the website anyway!

Best CD ever! Road music!

If you’ve never ate Smokin’ Pig in Valdosta, you need too!

One of my earliest video’s, still gets a ton of hits each year.

We will be in South Georgia providing live updates and event coverage on Thursday & Friday of race week, be sure and check back here for all the photos and video. You can also see live updates and photos on Snapchat and Instagram @jdsmotorsports .

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