Mecum Kissimmee 2017 Auction Coverage: Tuesday 1-10

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Tuesday! The big money cars are getting close on the horizon! But still should be some bargains to be had today!


All of Tuesday’s lots at the link below.



All photos credit


I’m assuming Lot G165.1 is a a real Boss and not a tribute car, assuming it is, I really like this. You’ve got the Boss name, but not a super original car, so you could take it out and enjoy it!


It’s always interesting to see old tow vehicles sitting around in the back of lots, you hardly ever see them still in great condition or restored. Lot G33 & Lot G22 are two very nice examples of a roll back and wrecker. These trucks both still have a lot of great use left to the individual private collector, but it will be interesting to see if they are viewed as work horses, or collectibles.



While on the subject of trucks, lets look at Lot G105. These trucks never really took off, but I was always a big fan!


It’s hard to beat the classic look of a 56-57 Corvette. Lot G181 delivers just that. My dad had a 56 in the same color, so this one caught my eye right away.






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