JDSMotorsports.com Undergoing Changes!!

It’s time again for some changes on JDSMotorsports.com! We’ve changed a good bit over the past 6 years or so and are excited for what the future holds! As the show season comes to a basic end for the year, we will take this time to revamp the site for its official “relaunch” on January 1st, 2017! However, most of the old features and event coverage will still be available during the revamp period! Below are some new features and content we are excited to roll out in 2017!


** Weekly Video’s**

Each week of the year(we hope), we will feature three unique video series’.


On Tuesday’s, we will have a new “JDSMotorsports.com On Location” video featuring event coverage from events small to large all over the south. These may be a little slow at the start of the year, but I’m trying hard to get enough events shot until we can get into the busy season!


On Wednesday’s , we will have a new “JDSMotorsports.com Quick Feature”. This will be similar to some of the feature’s we were doing last year on cars at events. These are cars we run across at various events that are worth a second look. Short, to the point 4-6 minute video’s with a quick description of the car or truck along with photos and video.


On Thursday’s, we will have a new “JDSMotorsports.com Feature Car”. This will be a full length feature on the car and at times its owner. Many will feature not only still photos and video, but driving action as well. We are really looking forward to these and bringing you 52 unique rides in 2017! If you are interested in having your ride featured, email us at jeff@jdsmotorsports.com today!

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