Mecum Kissimmee 2016: Gotta Haves Friday 1-15

Time to kick our Mecum coverage off! Later on in the week I’ll have ten cars per day, but to start with the number may be a few less!


Lot J47: 1957 Cadillac Series 75 Limo

This is the car Johnny Cash songs are made off, long and black! This thing is a beauty for sure!

Lot J51: 1969 Lincoln Continental

Keeping in the luxury line, I really like these big late 60’s Lincoln’s. In fact, this isn’t the only one you are going to see on this list.

Lot J146: 1951 Kaiser Deluxe Sedan

This one is going to make anyone take a double take on cruise night. At first, it looks like a shoebox Ford, but then at second glance, you realize it is something special.

Lot J179: 1967 Lincoln Continental

A little more flash than the last Lincoln, this would make an awesome cruiser!

Lot J228: 2002 Daves Custom Boat

Anyone that knows me knows I love speed boats. This thing is awesome, I’d love to cruise party cove in this baby next summer!

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