Mustang Week Event Coverage 2015: The Top Ten Best Cars

It’s all opinion, but here are my favorite ten cars from Mustang Week 2015! It’s hard enough to pick ten, let alone rank them, so these are in no particular order!

I loved this coupe last year, but with the new wheels, its even better! It spent most of the weekend in the Late Model Restoration booth and it well deserved to be there!

Im not sure I ever saw this car outside of the hotel parking lot, but I just couldn’t stop looking at it. Stripe delete Mach 1, Cobra bumper, S281 wing. Love it.

The green Mustang Week Car. This thing is juts beautiful, the color is so different and unique. Plus the stripe just sets everything off.

Okay I’m gonna be a little biased here, since I once owned this car in barn find(actually it wasn’t even in a bard, more like under a tree), original form. But its far from that now! This ex-highway patrol car is freaking awesome!

The Motorcraft Roush. I just love this old school throwback paint scheme. Everytime I walked by I had to take another photo!

This is one of the cleanest 68 Gt’s I’ve ever saw. 390 car. This thing was restored to perfect factory specs. It took best in class, but honestly I thought it had a real chance at Best Of Show.


When someone says pacecar, I automatically think of a 1979. I had almost forgot they even made one in 1994 and I guess most of them are tucked away in plastic. Well not this one, its modded tastefully and very nice! I just wish I had gotten more than one photo!

I’ve loved this 66 Coupe ever since I heard of the build. Mr. Steve Turner loves it too because he picked it for his Editors Pick, so who can argue with Editor Turner??

Who doesn’t love an SSP Coupe? Its hard to argue against the fact that California had the coolest paint scheme of all.

Caleb’s Mustang. Such a cool story to watch unfold. Very nice of Make-A-Wish and Mustang Week to make this all happen! This baby was wrapped to look like one of the Mustang Week cars!


  1. The Indy Pace Car belongs to me and needless to say but I was very excited to see it on the top 10 list. Thank you very much.

    1. Great car Wayne!! I think it was at the motel we stayed at, the atlantica? Not sure how I didn’t get more photos!! Did you win a trophy? I was judged some of the 94-98 cars but I didn’t judge yours.

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