1st Annual SEFB.net Dragon Run: Friday

This is part one of our coverage of the Southeastern Foxbodies (SEFB.net) 1st Annual Dragon Run. For all of our coverage and video’s, CLICK HERE.


Friday, March 27th, 2015, after months of planning it was finally time to kick of the first annual SEFB.net Dragon Run! The run would take us through the mountains of North & South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee and put almost 400 hard miles on our machines. It would also bring good times and great fellowship with our fellow club members and friends.

I met up with Dylan, who was on his way in from Nashville, TN at my house about 2pm. Once we got his car unloaded off the trailer, we headed our for Bryson City, NC, the location of our host hotel for the weekend.

Several club members had already made it into town before us.

After everyone got checked in and caught up on the latest, we headed to the gas station to top off for our first trip into the mountains.

Our first trip would take us down Hwy 28, a section of the road called “The Hellbender” into Franklin, NC. Once there, we would tour my dad and mine’s car collection.

We stopped along the way to take in a nice view of the river.

Arriving in Franklin, NC.

KB thinking about trading his coupe in on a Corvette.

After our shop tour, it was time to head back into Bryson City for dinner at Nick and Nates, or is it Nate and Nicks, I guess you’d have to ask the locals? Anyway, on to dinner.

After dinner, we headed back to the motel and went to bed with a threat of snow in the area. Hopefully we wouldn’t wake up to all white Mustangs!

For Saturday’s coverage, CLICK HERE

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