Barrett-Jackson 2015: The Ron Pratte Collection

In writing our “cars to watch” articles this week for the 2015 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, I’ve tried to stay away from the Ron Pratte Collection because honestly, they would take up entire articles because they are all awesome. But I felt like I needed to mention and share them on here. I won’t talk about them all, but I will talk about my three favorites.

These three are once in a life time collectibles that honestly I thought would never cross the auction block again after Ron Pratte got them.


The Futurliner Bus

Such a cool vehicle, how can you not love this one? And such a piece of GM history. CLICK HERE for the item listing.


Pontiac Bonneville Special

One of the prettiest show cars ever built in my opinion. The “Pontiac Corvette” that never was!

CLICK HERE for the listing.

Super Snake

Super snake, need I say more? Arguably, the most collectible Shelby car of all time.

CLICK HERE for the listing.


For a nice video package put together by Barrett-Jackson on all the Pratte cars, CLICK HERE



All photos credit Barrett-Jackson

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