JDRF Memory Lane: A Look Back @ The 1st Annual JDRF Car Show

I wanted to take a look back at the seven year history of the the Annual JDRF Charity Car Show in Clayton, Georgia.


1st Annual JDRF Charity Car Show (2007)

It all started out with a random idea one day behind the commercial parts counter in the Clayton Advance Auto Parts, “Hey what if we have a little car show to try and help raise money for JDRF?” None of us knew at that point just how big or how long it would go! So with a few basic idea’s on paper I created the very first flyer. I put “1st Annual” on it just in case people actually showed up and we wanted to do it again next year! If we would have gotten 20 cars I would have been impressed, but at the end of the day I was blown away by the turn out we had! We ended up with 45 cars and raised $2564 for JDRF! The first year was a huge success!


For all the photos, CLICK HERE










Be sure and come out this Saturday, August 30th to help support our 8th Annual JDRF Charity Car Show in Clayton, Georgia at Clayton City Hall. We will be giving out over 100 awards, tons of door prizes, we will have food and drinks on sale, a live band for most of the day, 50-50 drawings and much more! We are expecting close to 200 cars in our show along with our first ever swap meet! Help us raise money for JDRF and continue to grow this great event for an awesome cause!


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