HRPT 14: Monday Recap

On the road again! This time we carved our way through the rock bluff’s of West Virginia up Hwy 119, man what a pretty drive! (CLICK HERE if you missed yesterday’s recap)


Our “convoy” keeps growing! We had a nice group of Mustangs with us today!

Our first stop for fuel, somewhere on the other side of Gate City, Virginia, I’m not sure I ever really caught the name of the town.

Somewhere just outside of West Virginia, bathroom break.

When we got to Charleston, we followed the GPS instead of the tour directions, an hour later we were out of traffic and parked, totally our mistake! But it was a cool tour of downtown!

Charleston was definitely the highlight of the trip as far as locations go, loved being along the water!


For all of the photos from Charleston, CLICK HERE

Distance to the meet.

After Charleston, I got the wild idea I’d just drive home, its only six hours right?


On the road somewhere in West Virginia, final fuel stop.

Rain quickly set it, and let me tell you, it was tough driving. I don’ t think they believe in road reflectors in West Virginia. I made it all the way back to North Carolina before I finally pulled over the a motel room. I was too out of it for a photo at my 1 am check in time, but I did snap one the next morning.

Here is my total mileage total for Monday.

The short two hour ride to work seemed to fly by compared to the previous days, but I was still super tired, heck I still am a day later! But I can’t wait until next year!


Here is the final day’s mileage.

And the final mileage total for the trip!

But this isn’t the end of our coverage. I’ve got an easy five or six hours of video to edit through, so stay tuned!



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