HRPT 14: Day 3 Recap (Sunday)

Still playing catch up on coverage, Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!


While Saturday was fun, (CLICK HERE if you missed it), Sunday started the real fun of the Power Tour, the road trips!

We pulled out on the road pretty early in hopes of beating some of the traffic from the drivers meeting so we could cruise and take our time. But it wasn’t long before we were surrounded by fellow Power Tour road travelers!

The ride by Lake Lure was spectacular, its a shame the roads were wet so we couldn’t really try out the curves!


A quick stretch break.

When we got back on the road, we followed three awesome Vettes, what a view!

After a quick gas stop, we headed for Hot Springs, NC.


We stopped for lunch on a little side trip to Douglas Dam.



We arrived in Knoxville around 2pm, for all of those photos, CLICK HERE


Our first day on the road, we logged 251 miles, not a bad drive!


Ah the parking lots, some of the best times at Power Tour!


Stay tuned for more photos!


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