Hot Rod Power Tour 2014: Day 2 Recap

If you missed Friday’s recap, CLICK HERE

Before I could head out Saturday morning, I had to grab a few parking lot photos, the cars were just too good not to!

For all of the early morning parking lot photos, CLICK HERE

After that it was off to Charlotte to meet up with some of the Southeastern Foxbody gang for the monthly Cars & Coffee. Almost 700 cars in the parking lot! It was an awesome turnout.

CLICK HERE for all of the Cars & Coffee photos

From there it was on to Zmax Dragway for the kick off of the Hot Rod Power Tour!


CLICK HERE for all of the photos from Zmax Dragway and the Charlotte stop of the Hot Rod Power Tour

After a long day at the track it was back to the motel to relax and get ready for the big drive to Knoxville the next morning. I did snap a few photos at the hotel parking lots though.

CLICK HERE for all the Saturday night motel parking lot photos


Stay tuned for more coverage!


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