Pigeon Forge Rod Run Spring 2014 Schedule

I just received this in the mail yesterday and I thought I’d share. It looks they have changed some things and really stepped up the schedule this year, should be a good show!


As I mentioned earlier, the main show location has changed to the new Le CONTE Center. It features 100,000 square feet of display area, 2000 free parking spaces, new modern city-owned facility, adjacent to the old hotel location, walking distance to “The Strip”, shuttle to the island entertainment complex.

This year will also feature a kick off party Thursday night at The Island, the new shopping and entertainment area toward the end of the strip. The party starts at 7pm. At dark, there will be a showing of American Graffiti on the giant outdoor screen. There will also be a live band Friday and Saturday at the Main T-Shirt Trailer at traffic light #6.

As always, for more info, visit their website, www.rodrun-pigeonforge.com

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