Top Ten Favorite Events Of 2013


As 2013 comes to a close I thought I’d take a look back at my top ten favorite events of the year. Now keep in mind, there are no bad events that we go to, but these stick out as my favorites!

(Click each title to see the event coverage)

10. 7th Annual JDRF Chairty Car Show

I have to brag on my own show a little right? I mean after all, 2013 was our biggest year ever!

9. Franklin Church Of God Show

A first time show that had a surprisingly big turnout. I didn’t make it until about halfway through but I’m glad I did! Hopefully they have it again in 2014!

8. Barn @ Burningtown Car Show

Another first time show, Homer and Teresa Holbrooks opened up their beautiful mountain farm in early spring. It was a great ride out there and a great setting for the show by the creek.

7. Mecum Kissimmee Auction

Mecum Kissimmee might be the closest I ever get to Barrett-Jackson, but if that is the case I’m perfectly fine with that! It was definitely an experience I’ll never forget, I only wish I had gotten there sooner in the week!

6. Hot Rod Power Tour

Even though we were just road side in Murphy, NC the Hot Rod Power Tour was still way up my 2013 list. I imagine after long hauling the tour in 2014 this may move to number one!

5. Mustang Week

Mustang Week, need I say more? It will always have a place on our list!

4. 1st Annual David Dillard Memorial Car Show

Another first time show, they did a really nice job with this one. It was a great turnout at a great location, hopefully it continues for years to come!

3. World Of Wheels Chattanooga

My first world of wheels show, but not my last. I’ll be there again in 2014!

2. Andrews Police Pals Cruise Night

This is quickly becoming one of the biggest cruise nights around here. The turnout is always awesome and its fun night for everyone. The police close down main street for a cruise. I’ve also heard rumors about an “unofficial” burnout contest really late at night.

1. Cabin Fever Car Show

I’d been to this show a few times when it was still at Chilhowee Park, but I missed about a five year span or so. Man, has this show grown! When we arrived I could not believe how many cars were there! I will definitely be back in 2014.

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