Barrett-Jackson Reno-Tahoe 2013: Thursday Cars To Watch

Our first of three installments of coverage of Barrett-Jackson’s Reno-Tahoe Auction. This is our top ten cars to watch for Thursday!

Lot Number 9

Up first is a 1969 Chevrolet C10 Truck, even in long bed form this truck is nicely optioned and pretty much original.

Lot Number 83

Anytime I see anything 2+2 I get excited. This is a very nice 1965 Convertible 2+2’s. These cars are very rare and very cool!

Lot Number 91

This thing is just too cool, you hardly ever see any Studebaker trucks on the road!

Lot Number 98

Check out this rare Edsel drop top!

Lot Number 159

Even a replica, this thing is super cool!

Lot Number 7000

Gotta love an early F1!

Lot Number 156

The Grand Sports are being billed as one of the most collectible Corvette’s of the modern era so keep your eye on this one!

Lot Number 151

There might not have been a prettier car made by Ford in the 50’s than the 1951 Crown Victoria!

Lot Number 102

This is an interesting piece for sure with a supercharger and a 4-speed!

Lot Number 149

These AMX cars have been down this year at some auctions, this might be a deal for someone!

All Photos Credit: Barrett-Jackson


Stay tuned tomorrow for more cars!


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