Looking for a used Midget Race Car?

Well your in luck the Mecum Monterey Auction has plenty to choose from! Check them out below! For more information visit Mecum online by CLICKING HERE

1929-Henderson-Midget 1939-Smith-Jiggler-Midget 1939-Vukovich-Big-Car 1940-Offenhauser-220-Big-Car 1946-Kurtis-Kraft-Offy-Midget 1946-Solar-Midget 1947--Midget 1949-Studebaker-Midget 1950-Kurtis-Kraft-Quarter-Midget 1951-Hillegass-Bardahl-Special 1956-Hillegass-Sprint 1962-Hillegass-Sprint 1962-Homebuilt-Quarter-Midget 1964-Trevis-Offy-Midget-Roadster 1987-Canaday-Brothers-Volkswagen-Midget 2006-Rassey-Rocket-Quarter-Midget (1) 2006-Rassey-Rocket-Quarter-Midget Crosley-Three-Quarter-Midget Edmunds-Chevy-II-Midget Elto-Outboard-Midget Haller-Special-Big-Car Homebuilt-Indian-Midget Homebuilt-V-8-60-Midget Willys-Midget




We also featured some NASCAR and Lemans race cars today, CLICK HERE if you missed that post!

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