Ebay Find Of The Week: 1961 Chevy Corvette Fuel Injected Barn Find

Fuel injected, barn find? This thing is too cool not to be the Ebay Find Of The Week!

CLICK HERE to see the ad.

Below is the article from the ad.

We are selling a 61 project that one of our clients has been putting together for several years.  When he bought this 61 it had a 327 in it, the one you can see in the pics.  He bought a 283 and a set of 461 heads and had it stamped but never built it.  He has a original fuel injection unit and an original intake and an original distributor and the correct exhaust manifold with no boss drilled in it sitting in a box on the side.  The unit has a a serial num of 1408 and a part num of 7017320.  Look at the pic and see what you think.  The body is very dirty but appears unhit.  The area around the heater box will need repair, otherwise good shape.  The frame has surface rust from sitting in the barn for 20+ years but not structural.  The car is sitting on rollers but I found 5 wheels in the barn that appear original.  We have a soft top frame and a hard top.  There are the two seats in the car and two more on top.  It is plain to see the car was not a fuelie from the factory, check the pics.  There are several new parts, mostly grill and trim type things.  So to recap, two engines, 5 wheels, FI unit, intake, dist, 461 heads, 4 seats, hardtop, soft top frame, many boxes of old and some new parts, generator, starter, bell housing, tranny all appear correct.

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