The Top Fuel Experience video by Corey Michalek

I am a racing nut, especially drag racing. Top Fuel is the most exciting, loudest, fastest motorsports racing there is on the planet. To me there is nothing like watching it in person, but this brings you as close to the action as possible without you actually being there. To me this is IMAX worthy!!!!

This video was put together by Corey Michalek, a pitcrew member for Pat Dakin’s Commercial Metal Fabricators Top Fuel team. Corey has spent over two years to shoot what goes on behind the scenes from prepping the car, taking the car to the starting line and a complete run from various angles and perspectives. It’s pretty neat to see all the different views of the warming up the clutch, what happens on the starting line and finally the run. All you need to make it complete is Smello-Vision to add the smell of Nitro and burning rubber!

Corey has more videos on his Vimeo page and you can check out the Michalek Brothers Racing website at  and I look forward to seeing what else Corey and his brother Kyle accomplish in drag racing!

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  1. Sorry guys, the NHRA told Corey he had to take that video down, but check out the links to some other cool videos he has made!

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