Mopar Light Bar & Rugged Ridge Off Road Light Install on 2010 Jeep Wrangler

A month or so ago I shared with you my headlight upgrade in my 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. If you missed it you can CLICK HERE to get caught up. Anyway as I mentioned in that blog I was still not happy with the amount of light I had. Plus I wanted a more aggressive look for my Jeep so I ordered a Mopar Light Bar(part number 123220RR) and a set of three 6″ Rugged Ridge 100W off road lights(part number 15207.61). Now I know alot of you are running more expensive lights but my thought when ordering them was will I really ever be using them enough for it to make a difference? I mean if I was going to run Baja or something I would have spent four or five hundred dollars on a set but for me these will do just fine. Plus they are 25% for function, 75% for a more aggressive look.  Both items were purchased off of Ebay. The light bar came from Kernersville Chrysler Dodge Jeep and the lights themselves came from Midwest Jeep Super Center. Both at what I thought were a fair price and both were  shipped them out very quickly. The total price for the bar was $91.49, the lights were $121.70.

Here are the stock photos from the Ebay ad’s.


(Photo Credit:  Midwest Jeep Super Center)


(Photo Credit: Kernersville Chrysler Jeep Dodge)

All right! Time to open up the boxes and see what we’ve got!








Doing a little test fitting to while waiting on it to warm enough to open the garage door.


I’m not sure if there is an easier way, or it could be done without it, but we pulled the grille just to get it out of the way and give us a little more room to work. You might do the job without taking it out, but as easy as it is I’d rather have it out of the way and safe from scratches.


Getting these bottom mounts in and the splash panel back on is a bit of a chore. We spent close to two hours getting it right. The instructions are pretty vague so it was just trial and error but we finally got it pieced together.


Bar mounted, grille back in, lights on.


The wiring harness they send with it is nice, but a little short. We had to extend the wires to make it reach inside, I can’t imagine any vehicle being much shorter than a jeep so I’m not sure what they intended the wire for. The switch they send looks good and would have been a nice clean mount but it felt funny from the start. It didn’t really have a click on or off position. Sure enough we hooked it up and sometimes the light would stay on, sometimes they just came on and then went right back off.


So we ended up just running a plain old toggle switch. I’ve just got it sitting in my cargo net in front of my shifter for now. I’m going to rig up a switch panel in a week or so when I have more time.

Read to light up!


And the finished product!



With all the lights on.



I’m very happy with the results, but now I’m addicted and want more light! I haven’t had a chance to really try them out off road or anything yet  but they seem like they are going to work great. I still feel like I could use a little more long range light as well. I may go with a windshield mount LED bar in the future to top it all off.

Overall it took about 4 hours to install and wire them. It was actually a little longer but work and things slowed us down so we didn’t work 4 hours straight. With the cost of the bar and the cost of the lights I had to buy another roll of wire, a toggle switch, and some connectors. I also bought a 19mm wrench to keep in the Jeep in case I need to adjust or re-tighten the lights on the trail.  All of this was a total cost of $25.53. Bringing the total cost of the project to $238.72.

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