Product Review: Phillips X-treme Power Headlight bulbs

Usually one of the first things I do to a vehicle when I get it is upgrade the headlights. I have trouble seeing at night so I want the brightest light I can get. I’ve tried my share of lights over the years from blue to really bright, Phillips, Sylvania, I’ve tried them all. In my 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited I decided to go with the Phillips X-treme Power headlights. I’d used these before and were pretty impressed with them so I figured they would do the trick in the Jeep as well.

I’m not sure if the factory jeep lights are just really good, something about the housing doesn’t do as well with these lights or what but honestly I’m not that impressed with them. I can see “a little” better with them but not much. Its a little more of a white light and they project a little wider ray of light but its just not what I was expecting. Here are the before and after.



Can’t really tell much difference can you? I took some video of both but it was a little lighter out when I shot the after video so its not a good comparison. I may re-shoot the after video and post that a little later on.

For a retail price of almost $50 I’d say these lights aren’t worth the money in a JK Jeep Wrangler anyway. But like I said earlier I’ve used them in other vehicles with better results so don’t rule the lights out in other vehicles. If you’ve got a spare fifty laying around try a set for yourself, but don’t expect the 80% more light to blind you!

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