JDSMotorsports Top Ten Picks: Smokey Mountain Chevrolet Toys For Tots Show 2012

Our top ten pics from the Smokey Mountain Chevrolet Toys For Tots show in Franklin, NC. For complete show coverage CLICK HERE.

A long favorite of mine has been the mid-80’s Chevy Montecarlo’s. Simple and white this was a nice example of one.

427 Corvette, tri-power, need I say more?

A new take on the S10, this one has two more cylinders. But the V8 looks like it grew in there, really nice job on the conversion.

I’ve always loved the fins of the 59 and 60 Chevrolet’s. This is a very nice example, factory style interior, with some tastefully updated wheels. Lot of red, gotta love it!

Our second Monte Carlo on the list. This is a nice mix of class and muscle car. I love the tan roof and interior and the all business 402 big block under the hood.

An all business 69 Camaro, mixed with the fact that the owner was a Vietnam Vet, this one had to make the list.

Classic ford, cool paint, big block chevy.

Crazy over the top flame job that works just right on this truck. I really love what they did with the tail lights and the v emblem on the tail gate.

I’ve been drooling over this wagon for a few shows now. The attention to detail on this thing is unreal. The little items through out the inside of the car scream period correct, the vintage state stickers on the back windows are an out of this world touch. Love it!

Copo. Do I need to say more?

For video footage of this beast running CLICK HERE

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