Road Trip: Race Shops & Foxbodies Oct. 11th-13th 2012

(This blog entry is a couple of weeks late, just now got around to finishing it up)

This is the first entry in a new section on the site. The category is “Driving Blogs” with the subcategory of “Road Trip!”. Most of my trips to the various events I travel to are some what boring and uneventful but from time to time when I do take a trip that I think someone might have some interest in hearing about I am going to put it in here. After all I feel like I should “blog” about something every now and again since most of my posts are “less filler, more thriller!” So anyway on to the blog entry.

Race Shops & Foxbodies

After weeks of planning, double checking, and last minute modifications I was finally on my way Thursday afternoon by about 5 pm to my first overnight stop of Hickory, NC. The original(more on that later) trip plan was to head to Hickory on Thursday night, get up Friday morning and go to Joe Gibbs Racing in Huntersville for Fan Fest 2012, then head to Albermarle, NC that afternoon and stay over night until Foxtoberfest the next morning in Locust, NC. Then head to Stewart-Haas Racing in Kanapolis, NC on Sunday morning. But like all good road trip plans things change from time to time along route.

My first pull over was around 7 pm or so to top the ‘Vert off with some fresh 93 Octane.

After a quick check of the fuel mileage I was excited to see I had gotten 23.68 mpg on the first leg. Not too bad!
Back on the road with about 45 minutes left, with my bad eye site and night time driving skills these new one piece headlights with super bright 9007 bulbs sure are nice after dark. Well what little bit of the road I can see between the giant window tint strip and massive cowl hood!

Finally arrived about 8 pm in Hickory, NC. For 44 dollars a night the Motel 6 was pretty inviting. Aside from the fact that my first room hadn’t been cleaned and I had to go back downstairs for another one I didn’t have any complaints for the money. Plus there was a Hooters right next door to grab a bite to eat at and to catch a few minutes of Thursday Night Football. Also a room with a view of the car was nice to make me sleep a little easier.

After a quick nights rest I was up at 6:30 for an early morning roll out to Joe Gibbs Racing in Huntersville, NC.

After an uneventful drive which was refreshingly mostly back roads and quick rendezvous with some fellow Southeasternfoxbody club members at the Walgreens in Huntersville we were off to the show!

And what a great event it was, tons of door prizes, got to take a race shop tour, rub elbows with Coach Gibbs himself, it was a ton of fun! For all the pictures and the blog post from this event CLICK HERE

I departed Joe Gibbs Racing around 1 pm and headed for my final destination for the day of Albemarle. I ignored the navigation and just took to the back roads and road signs. It worked out pretty good, took me a little bit longer than planned but it was a nice afternoon drive.

The Quality Inn wasn’t as nice as it looked on the internet and defiantly not worth the price I was paying but I’ve stayed in worse.

On the way in to the motel I had to make a quick stop at Wal-mart to pick up some double sided tape to fix the only casualty thus far in the trip. I lost a piece of side trim going down the interstate, lucky for me I saw it about to fly off and got the window down just in time!

AFter that was buttoned up it was time to clean the car up a little and after four hours on the road she needed it! Luckily when you are using Croftgate waterless products there is no need to ride around town to hunt a car wash! I had everything I needed in just a few bottles to get the car 100% show worthy again in just about 20 minutes!

The finished product!

I was a little more nervous this night about the view of the car than the night before. Especially after I learned that the projects were just a few hundred yards away behind that fence!

So I was off to the room for a quick shower and then out to dinner at the local Sagebrush for food and drinks with some of my Southeastern Foxbody brothers.

The next morning I have to admit I was pretty revealed my car was still in the parking lot with all four tires and the windows intact!

After a quick warm up I was off on my 20 minute ride back up the road to Locust, North Carolina and Fox Mustang Resto for Foxtoberfest 2012.

If you missed the event coverage from Foxtoberfest CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for the video.

I had planned on staying the night again in Albemarle and going the next day to Kanapolis, North Carolina to Stewart-Haas Racing for their show but between the cold morning at Foxtoberfest and the draft of the convertible I was feeling a little under the weather so I decided to pack up and head for home. Now under normal circumstances this would have been an easy 3 and 1/2 hour ride but with the Nascar race just up the road in Concord I had to alter plans a bit. So after a quick look at the map I decided heading north to I-40 would be my best bet. Didn’t look that far on the map? So I drove, and drove, and drove. Finally I gave up looking for the interstate and stopped for a bite to eat, no time for anything fancy, I wanted to get home.

After about an hour on the road I had about decided I was going the wrong way, now keep in mind my GPS was useless because all it wanted to do was send me straight into race traffic. Finally after about an hour and twenty minutes I found a sign for I-40! Boy was I glad!

Finally the GPS was set for home!

I rolled into the house about five minutes till 10 Saturday night. The Mustang preformed perfectly and didn’t give a minutes trouble. From the time I left work on Thursday I logged just shy of 600 miles on the old girl! Here is a rough idea of what the trip looked like on the map.

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