Mustang Week 2012: 7-14 Saturday

Okay, if you aren’t here, you are LATE!!!! Several cars already starting to roll in! The beach overall is packed! Its not too hot outside and the water is just right, if you aren’t planning on coming to the greatest week on earth, well there is still time to change your plans!!

Loaded up and ready to ride!!

We rolled out about 8 this morning, but had a little trailer drama. After a failed attempt to put a cap that kinda worked on the hub we broke out the zip ties and a solo cup. Blue of course, ford blue!

Between the trailer drama and the 501 traffic we finally rolled in about 4:30!

A few cars in town already, I’m sure there will be MANY more to come tomorrow!!


Be sure and follow us on twitter, like us on facebook, etc, etc, for more updates! Until then we will be here on the balcony enjoying the fire works!

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